Founded in December 1992

Formed to promote friendship, harmony, unity, and cultural awareness between students of Indian origin and of other nationalities, UISA's main purpose is to serve as a vehicle for positive interaction between Indian youth and the community at large.

The United Indian Student Alliance strives to increase the awareness of Indian culture on the Georgia college campuses unifying its members of all backgrounds.

By holding events on college campuses throughout Georgia, UISA seeks to improve the understanding of Indian culture among students of all backgrounds. At the same time, we want to enable members of the South Asian community to allow the coexistence of their rich cultural identities with the American culture.

Our Previous Charity Work

India Development and Relief Fund, or better known as IDRF, is an organization that works to better the lives of those in India.

Last year UISA paired up with IDRF and will donate its proceeds to IDRF's two specific projects: the Economic Rural Development Society and the Naguri School.

UISA hopes to not only spread the word about the cycle of poverty in India, but also encourage others to break the cycle. It is our turn to empower the people of India with resources they need in order to achieve success in their lives and make India a better place to live in.



We are very grateful to all our sponsors.